Fujifilm digital camera finepix s8600 series

Zoom to the heart of the action with the powerful 36x zoom of the S digital camera that can fit in your coat pocket. The newly developed three-step collapsible lens automatically retracts when not in use to leave a slim, stylish and seriously compact body.

The highly versatile mm equivalent lens will cover you whether you're shooting wide-angle landscapes or zooming in on action and wildlife shots. The FinePix S has a Super Macro mode that focuses down to just 1cm for detailed close-ups or you can use Fujifilm's Intelligent Digital Zoom to increase the zoom to 72x mm equivalent.

Fujifilm's newly developed 3-step collapsible lens allows the compact storage of a huge 36x zoom lens in this small, pocketable body. The FinePix S uses AA batteries which are easily available anywhere so you never need to worry about carrying your charger. About Us. Where to Buy. Overview Features Features. Compact model with 36x zoom. Colours: Black Additional Views. Effective pixels 16M CCD.

LCD Monitor 3.

fujifilm digital camera finepix s8600 series

Sensitivity ISO And more. HD Movie with one-button access And more. Advanced Filter A selection of ten special filters lets you create distinctive photo effects. News Feed. Fujifilm Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujifilm Holdings Corporation. Fujifilm Holdings Corporation Investor Relations.Manufacturer description: The FinePix S is the perfect combination of powerful long-zoom at 36x, fast autofocus and HD video with portability that makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Featuring a 16MP sensor, the S uses a newly developed three-step collapsible lens, which automatically retracts when not in use to leave a slim and stylish body that is extremely compact. The S uses a highly versatile mm lens to shoot sharp images of everything from wide-angle landscapes to detailed close up pictures with its Super Macro mode.

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fujifilm digital camera finepix s8600 series

See all user reviews. Gear list. Product description. Announced Jan 6, Discuss in the Fujifilm FinePix Talk forum. Product timeline. Quick specs. Support DPReview. Shop with.Pros Stabilization technology keeps blur out of images Can capture a very wide angle Optical zoom lens can reach far Cons Limited to p HD video resolution More concerned with images than video Performance Where the Fujifilm FinePix S shines most is image quality.

And its technology is built around supporting it. With a 16 megapixels CCD sensor and wide angle, the S can take some great pictures. What we loved most was is Super Macro Mode, which gave us the opportunity to shoot highly detailed images on objects very close, as close as 1cm away from the lens.

With the Optical Image Stabilization, blurring was basically non-existent, nor did it seem to effect shutter speed. The standard these days is p. As an added bonus, the 10 artistic effects came in handy for unique vlogging projects. The Fujifilm FinePix S is rather large in comparison to the other vlogging-capable cameras on our list.

The S looks and feels like a professional camera, however. To the right of its 3-inch LCD screen are the various settings to fiddle with, accompanied by a rather large wheel at the top to switch modes. The S takes AA batteries, and has a memory card slot for storage. It does not have internal storage. But for vlogging?

Not so much. The S Fujifilm is more concerned with photos than video. Its digital zoom is only half of what the S Digital Camera offers, but is still an overall better camera. For action shots, consider the GoPro Hero5 Session. Its optical zoom can reach far and wide, while stabilization technology keeps the image from being too blurry.

Your email address will not be published. Is this a review? No Yes. Review Headline. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Fujifilm FinePix S Stabilization technology keeps blur out of images Can capture a very wide angle Optical zoom lens can reach far.

Limited to p HD video resolution More concerned with images than video. Performance 8. Design 8. Value 8. Reader Rating 0 Votes 0. He regularly contributes to websites such as Hardcore Droid, Gamepur, and Homebli.

His work remains primarily in technology, from video game journalism to consumer technology. Related Articles. Sony ZV1 Review July 22, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Table of Contents.

Thank you for your purchase of this prod. This manual describes how to use your. Be sure that you have read and. For information on related products, visit our website at. Fujifilm digital camera owner's manual model finepix sfd pages.

Fujifilm owner's manual digital camera finepix s1 pages.

fujifilm digital camera finepix s8600 series

Be sure that you have read and Moreon Playback understood its contents and the warnings The location data can then be added to pictures as they are taken. Take pictures. The location data acquired in Step 2 will be added to the new images. The camera will display the latitude and longitude of the most recently acquired lo- cation. The camera uses the most recently downloaded data; if you have changed your location sinceyou last took a pic- ture, download data for the current location before shooting.

Page 5: Saving Pictures Saving Pictures to a Computer Follow the steps below to save pictures to a computer over a wireless network. During recording, the following indicators will be displayed and sound will be recorded via the built-in microphone be careful not to cover the microphone during recording. Do not open the battery chamber during shooting or while the indicator lamp is lit.

Failureto observe this precaution could prevent tile movie from being played back. Turn the camera offand connect an HDMI cable available from third party suppliers. Page Printing Selected Pictures Printing Pictures via USB If the printer supports PictBridge, the camera can be connected directly to the printer and pictures can be printed without first being copied to a computer. Note that depending the printer, not all the functions described below may be supported.

Page Viewing Pictures On A Computer Viewing Pictures on a Computer The supplied software can be used to copy pictures to a computer, where they can be stored, viewed, organized, and printed. Before proceeding, install the software as described below. OONOTconnect the camera to the computer until installation is complete. Windows8 1 Select Desktop on the Start screen.

Exit any applications that may be running and 2 Select File Explorer on the taskbar. Page Shooting Menu Options. MODE Choose an advanced shooting mode Higher Choose the size and aspect ratio at which still pic- values can be used to reduce blur when light- tures are recorded.

Large pictures can be printed ing is poor; White balance measurement Intelligent Face Detection is off. When a movie is displayed, movie play- back will begin automatically, and the slide show will continue when the movie ends. The camera will analyze the image; if red-eye is detected, the image will be processed to create a copy with reduced red-eye.

The following options are available.Quick Links Download this manual. Basic Photography and Playback. For information on related products, visit our website at.

Table of Contents. Fujifilm digital camera owner's manual model finepix sfd pages. Fujifilm owner's manual digital camera finepix s1 pages. Page 2: For Your Safety Circular icons with a diagonal bar tell you that the action indicated is shock.

Fujifilm FinePix S8600 Overview

Filled circles with an exclamation mark tell you an action that must be Do not place the camera on an unstable surface. Page 3 Memory Card, seek medical attention or call an Build-up of dust in your camera can cause a fire or electric shock. Page 5 DC input terminal. Page 6 Card and E are trade- humming. This is normal. For information on specific topics, consult the sources below. P P viii P 99 99 Table of Contents Page 10 The Setup Menu Page Introduction Introduction Symbols and Conventions Symbols and Conventions The following symbols are used in this manual: 3 Caution: This information should be read before use to ensure correct operation.

P: Other pages in this manual on which related information may be found. A Microphone The indicators displayed vary with camera settings. To avoid losing the lens cap, pass the supplied string through the eyelet q and secure the lens cap to the strap w. A set of three alkaline batteries is supplied with the camera.

Insert the batteries in the camera as described below. Open the battery-chamber cover. Insert the batteries. Slide the battery- Insert the batteries in the chamber latch in the Page 18 Inserting the Batteries Close the battery-chamber cover.

Operation is not guaranteed with other cards. Close the battery-chamber cover. Close the battery- 1 Note chamber cover and Be sure the camera slide it in until the is off before opening latch clicks into place. Failure to observe this precaution could damage the card. The lens will extend automatically. Press G again to turn the camera off. Page Basic Setup Basic Setup A language-selection dialog is displayed the first time the camera is turned on. Set up the camera as described below for information on resetting the clock or changing languages, see page Choose a language.

Turn the camera on. Press the G button to turn the camera In this mode, the camera au- tomatically analyzes the com- position and selects a scene according to shooting condi- tions and the type of subject: Selected sceneFinePix has a compact and lightweight body that is water- shock- freeze- and dust-proof. It is suitable for a variety of outdoor scenes. A wide-angle zoom lens offers versatility to capture the scenes they encounter. The image stabilization prevents blurring, even for shots underwater or in dark.

The large LCD monitor is easy to see even when wearing goggles or a mask. The low-energy design allows for a long battery life. Fujifilm has researched color science for over 80 years. The Fujifilm's unique memory color technology reproduce the color just as you remember even in challenging situation such as underwater. The back-illuminated CMOS sensor delivers bright high quality images even in dark scenes. Continuous shooting and video modes are also available. Enjoy sharing your photos easily by transferring photos to your smartphone on the spot.

This function is useful for capturing wildlife, group photos and self-portraits. FinePix NEW. Support Buy Now. Share Close. Active, Four Way-Proof Camera. Easy Use Outdoors. Color Reproduction and Functionality. Wireless Communications to Smartphones and Other Devices. Special Site. Buy Now. Authorized Dealers.Featuring a 15x zoom lens with a mm focal range, 12 megapixels and a 3 inch LCD screen, the Fujifilm S offers full manual photographic control for the more experienced user and an Automatic Scene Recognition mode for beginners.

For movie makers the S has the must-have feature ofhigh-definition p video recording at 30fps. The single difference between the S and the slightly more expensive S is the latter's bigger 18x zoom, which provides the same wide-angle setting of 28mm but a longer focal length of mm.

This is a bridge or 'super zoom' camera that, despite resembling a digital SLR that's been shrunk in the wash, shouldn't scare off those more used to operating pocket-sized point and shoots - which happens to be exactly the main audience that Fujifilm are targeting. Size and pricing aside, this megapixel camera is as much about user friendliness as creative flexibility.

For those with kids or subjects that don't stay put its auto focus tracking ability will doubtless come in handy, as will its most prominent feature, the immensely versatile 15x optical zoom, which has been both widened and lengthened in comparison to the S's mere 12x lens. Given the enormous lens reach of mm, image stabilisation is included, here the 'belt and braces' arrangement of CCD shift anti shake plus high ISO speed up to ISOalbeit with a drop to 3 megapixels if straying above ISO In practice therefore with the Fujifilm FinePix S it's mostly a case of a half press of the shutter release button and the camera does the rest, particularly with Fujifilm here including an 'auto everything' scene recognition SR auto mode.

Although far from infallible - if you're not paying close attention and it's presented with a busy scene it'll call up landscape when macro is needed and vice versa - it adds to the beginner friendly feel. And, if there's not time to set the photograph up manually, with a single button press an instant zoom feature crops in closer using either 1. Also worth a mention up front is the S's high speed-capture capability - up to 20 pictures sequentially at 8 frames per second - albeit with, as perhaps expected, resolution dropping to three megapixels to achieve its headline-grabbing numbers.

A compromise would be 10 sequential photographs at 3. The S introduces high-definition video for the first time to the Fujifilm S-series, capturing x pixel footage at 30fps with mono sound, full use of the 15x zoom and a maximum recording time of 15 minutes per clip. Alternatively there are also x pixels and x pixels modes, also at 30 fps. Given its beginner market the Fujifilm FinePix S's buttons and controls are for the most part large, particularly the familiar mode dial on top.

They're also sufficiently self-explanatory that the manual - a full version here on CD only - doesn't need to be digested before you're up and shooting. The front of the S looks much the same as any bridge model; that's to say it's dominated by the lens barrel, the tip of which extends 1.

Above the lens sits the forward sloping ridge housing the integral pop-up flash. A dedicated button for activating this spring-loaded mechanism sits to its right, three pin prick-sized holes for the built-in microphone just below.

Over at the other side of the lens is a portal housing the AF assist light, to the left of which is the comfortably moulded grip, with some leather-effect padding to help prevent your fingers slipping. For anyone with average sized hands there's just enough room to squeeze three fingers around the grip, leaving your forefinger automatically hovering over the shutter release button situated at the front of its slope, and your thumb pressed against the slightly indented pad at the rear.

While you certainly wouldn't want the grip to be any smaller, it feels just about right given the overall size of the camera. The Fujifilm FinePix S's L-shaped top plate looks at once familiar and approachable, the largest control being a ridged mode wheel featuring 10 settings. Starting with full auto mode and moving clockwise we come to one of the camera's main selling points, the aforementioned SR Scene Recognition auto, and, continuing in the same direction next alight on SP Scene Position.

FujiFilm Finepix S8600 Series Owner's Manual

This mode features standard pre-optimised settings for 15 familiar scenes and subjects, accessed by pressing the 'menu' button at the camera's rear, and includes portraits, landscapes, sunsets, fireworks plus a natural light and museum mode amongst its selection. Continuing clockwise around the dial we come to another of the Fujifilm's user-friendly features, its panorama mode, which allows the user to shoot a sequence of three images that the S automatically stitches together in-camera - no additional software or technical skills required.

A narrow portion of the previous frame is displayed as the user pans from left to right taking shots, so you can line up the joins with a reasonable level of accuracy.

Though not essential, it's another fun extra that should appeal to the family target market, and will surely come into its own as an aide memoir for holiday vistas. After a little practice, surprisingly successful results can be achieved, although the overall resolution of the resulting picture is limited to x pixels.

Fujifilm FinePix S1600 Review

Next around the dial is a setting for the already mentioned video capture - note that there's no one-touch video-record button on this camera. What's more of a surprise is that with a successive turn of the dial we come to a user-attributable custom setting, a feature more commonly found on a DSLR proper. Compounding the indication that the S perhaps has something to offer the photo enthusiast after all, there follows the creative quartet of manual, aperture priority, shutter priority and program modes, allowing full access to manually selectable ISO speeds, quality settings and of course colour effects.

fujifilm digital camera finepix s8600 series

And, with a further twist, we're back to full auto again. Slide this to the right and the S powers up in just over a second - pretty quick for this class of camera - the rear LCD displaying a Fujifilm logo initially before blossoming into life. There's also the option of an electronic viewfinder for shot composition - more on which later.

Forward of this slider are a pair of raised, identically sized buttons. To the left is a dedicated control for activating face detection which biases the focus and exposure toward any faces in the frame. Press it once to couple this with automatic red eye removal if using flash obviouslyor again to shoot without the red eye removal option.

Joining face detection are blink detection, which warns you if any of your subjects have blinked, and Smile Detection, which automatically takes the picture when your subject bares their pearly whites.